It has been about 4 years since I discovered fashion blogging. And just as in the case of most fashion enthusiasts, it happened though Instagram. I still remember visiting Doina Ciobanu’s The Golden Diamonds and Kristina Bazan’s Kayture for the very first time. I was in awe. Look at all these beautiful women, look at the clothes they are wearing, look how perfect their aesthetic is, where did they get the idea to pose like that, how did they think of taking a picture there? I was addicted. It was a world full of beautiful imagery and gorgeous clothes and I was spellbound.

Soon enough, I was following more fashion pages than people I knew personally. I started visiting these blogs more frequently than I was checking my Facebook. Things were getting serious. I discovered Rhea Gupte’s FUSS, and to say that I became a fan would be an understatement. I was in love with her digital space, and I never shied away from expressing it (we’re talking incessant DM’s, emails asking for advice and intense #fangirl admiration).

But much as I adored fashion blogs, I didn’t think it was for me. I have to regularly take outfit photos?

Who would take them?

I’m shy in front of the camera, and when I’m asked to pose by my best friend, I respond with a big smile or a resting bitch face placed on slouchy shoulders and awkward hands so god knows what I’ll do when I’m put in front of actual photographers.

What’s so great about my personal style anyway?

What can I tell people about clothes and how to wear them that they aren’t already learning from the millions fashion blogs that already exist?

It took me a long time to answer that question for myself.

Its simple: my niche, so to say, is affordable, wearable fashion.

Think about it. What other blogger can tell you where to find this dress for 450 bucks?

Dress: Siddartha Tytler
Stole: Trade Fair, 2016
Shoes: Steve Madden

Yeah, you read it right. 450 INR. And thats not even the best bargain I made that day.

So Ill give it to you straight: if you want a blog that tells you the best places to buy affordable clothes, how to give your old clothes (and shoes, mostly shoes) a spruce up or how to style your thrifted clothes to make them look High Fashion.. well, I think I can help you with that.

So you’re actually very lucky, because I’m going to share all my bargain and DIY secrets with you.

Maybe we’ll talk about reducing our clothing consumption and ditching the synthetics for the environment-friendly cotton and linen fabrics along the way.

Stay tuned,